Monday, October 13, 2008

Self Caricature

This was a pretty tough painting for me. It was hard for me to keep it exaggerated. I wanted to keep hacking away at the shapes early and it started to look too much like a portrait. I watch Joe Bluhm's Tom Cruise at work and got inspired to do this. This one I did all in Corel PainterX.

I ordered Don Seegmiller's new Painter book last week and I'm pretty excited about it. There's so much about Painter that I really don't "tap" into much. The pattern chalks is my new step I think. Watching Andrew Jones work them has me in the mood to add it to my list of tools.


Justin said...


This looks great. The taperd in paint is noticable throughout the entire picture and because I know what you look like, it must have taken some thought to input the exaggerations. How long did this one take?

bruce said...


I need to get to work.

Thanks for the motivation.

Jason Ross said...

Justin- This took about 4 hours. I had it done in 2 but played with it for an extra few days after work

Jason Ross said...

Bruce- No problem. I get my motivation from your blog as well. You guys made me look really lazy over here. Patty was saying "" too much over here. :P

Oh and I got a Cintiq 12 inch. My co-worker just gave it to me as a present. You gotta come over again sometime.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really like your work and your style of drawing. Also do you paint with traditional tools also or just digital tools? Either way the work is fantastic.

Jason Ross said...

Thank you winstki. I haven't painted traditionally in quite some time but I once used oils exclusively. I purchased some W+N Oil paint about a month ago with the intention of getting back in "tradional painting" shape, but alas the paint and brushes remain unused. Nothing can replace the smell of mineral spirits and oil paint.

Anonymous said...

great work jay, i could never do this in a million years. definatly got a big future with this kinda stuff.

Luke (Surrender)